Posts past and posts future

Today I posted the strike zone maps for 5 umpires that are on the 2013 MLB roster. These strike zone maps were created using all the called strikes and balls for each umpire over the course of the 2012 regular and post season. I hope to have all the 2012 maps for the 2013 MLB umpires posted before the start of the regular season. All of these have been posted in a new category called season maps and they are tagged with “2012 Season” and the name of the umpire.

Next, during the regular season, I hope to post game strike zone maps each day for the MLB games the previous day. I say I hope, because I haven’t yet finished the script that will control that process. I’ll also have to see how much time it will take each day to do. I am trying to automate as much of the process as I can, but like I said, I haven’t yet finished writing that script.

During the regular season I hope to also do some other analysis looking at other things related to pitching and hitting using the pitch f/x data and the methods I apply to the strike zone. Those posts will be less regular, and it again, depends on the time I have during the course of the regular season. But that’s my goal for the coming season: regular strike zone maps with some other analyses interspersed.

Finally, I hope to write more posts detailing exactly how I have generated theses maps. These will include more detail into the mathematics behind the plots and some more information about the software I use. I will be including some of my codes that do specific tasks, but I don’t plan on releasing all my codes at the moment. Hopefully though, if people are interested they will be able to generate their own plots using the codes I share and some ingenuity of their own.


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